Chickpea Cakes

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted these chickpea cakes on Love & Lemons and thought they would be great for a veggie meal, which we have been eating more and more of lately. Little did I know how challenging making them would prove to be!

The preparation is rather straightforward until you get to shaping the cakes. They were VERY wet and not sticking together at all (the recipe warns that this will happen, but it was much worse than I expected). I ended up adding between a 1/2 cup and cup of chickpea flour in order to hold them together, and even then, they didn’t really. After the cakes chill in the fridge, they are slightly easier to handle, but it’s not until they get into the pan that they really begin to look like cakes instead of mud! (I will spare you the photo I took pre-pan).

Although we enjoyed the end product, served with my favourite tried and true coriander-lemon yogurt and a side spinach salad, I will NOT be making these again for the simple reason that they were very awkward and difficult to make!


With side salad.
With side salad.

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