Beef & Aubergine Shakshuka

I recently posted about shakskuka and have since made it a few times. This time I tried experimenting with Ottolenghi’s ground beef and aubergine version.

The first step in making this is grilling the aubergines. I was initially a bit worried about this, especially after reading about my friend M.’s recent aubergine adventure! However, I’m glad to say that grilling them in the oven worked better than I expected. Scooping out the flesh was easy as well. After that, the assembly of the dish is fairly straightforward; everything goes into the pan and cooked until done, and then the eggs are added. The tahini sauce adds a nice touch but is quite strong – if you don’t like the taste of tahini, don’t include it (I think plain Greek yogurt could work in lieu).

Minced aubergine and beef don’t seem like the most obvious combination, but this worked. However we found that this meal did not fill us – it definitely needs a side or two.

The beige is the tahini sauce

One thought on “Beef & Aubergine Shakshuka

  1. savory65 19/05/2013 / 1:18 pm

    This sounds delicious. I will have to try!

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