A different type of post: a night at wine school!

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired as of late. I’m still cooking but feel like I am repeating myself quite a bit on the blog – a lot of curries, chopped coriander, and coriander-lemon yogurt! So, I’m changing things up a bit and writing about our wine adventure we had last week.

I have always wanted to do a wine tasting/class and for Christmas (yes, Christmas) received a gift certificate from H. for a one-night course from the West London Wine School. We had originally booked a class in March but were both horribly ill on the day, so were able fortunately to postpone it to May. We chose the Intro to Italian, Spanish, & Portuguese wines, which seems like a good one to start with as we drink a lot of Spanish wine, and have sampled our share of Italian and Portuguese as well.

WLWS’s classes are held in one of the few state of the art wine storage facilities in London. Over the course of 2 hours+ we got to try 7 wines (6 red, 1 white) and learned a LOT about production, labeling, grape varieties, and the history of winemaking in those countries. They gave us practical advice on where to buy not only the wines we drank, but where to go in general for quality and value for money  – something we both really appreciated (although, the only negative thing to emerge from the whole evening was that we’re obviously not spending enough on wine!).

H. and I loved the evening and definitely want to do another tasting, we’re thinking sometime in the fall. I’d like to to one of the more classic ones (say Chile & Argentina) as well as couple of the more unorthodox ones, USA & South Africa, maybe, or Germany, Alsace, Austria, & the UK.



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