Goop’s Streetfood: Tek-Tek Noodles (kinda) with Peanut Sauce

Goop (and let’s face it, Gwenyth Paltrow in general) seems to be the subject of a lot of poking fun and controversy. Yes, I agree that it can sometimes be a little sanctimonious, but I do like reading what she and her team have to say. A couple of weeks ago they had a ‘street food’ edition – beloved street food recipes from around the world. Several of them caught my attention and the subject of today’s post, Indonesian tek-tek noodles, is my first try of the recipes.

I made a couple of key changes to this recipe. First of all, I used Thai rice noodles instead of mi chay. That was simply because I didn’t want to go on a wild goose chase to find the other type, and to me, the substitution worked perfectly fine (although it strips the dish of its authenticity, which is why I’ve included the ‘kinda’ in the title!). I also used chicken instead of tofu, and changed the veggies to what I had on hand: carrots, red pepper, and baby corns (all cut into strips). I made the sauce directly as advised. It seems really weird as you make it – tamarind paste and tahini?! BUT it works.

While cooking I realized that there are steps left out in the recipe – tsk, tsk Gwenyth! (for example, the recipe calls for 4 eggs but doesn’t say when to add them). So, after cooking the chicken and veggies separately, I simply combined everything at the end with the sauce. I used 2 eggs instead of 4 purely because I don’t think it needed that many.

We both really enjoyed the dish but it didn’t beat our preferred go-to comfort food of pad thai. I found the sauce a little too sweet (even with no-sugar-added natural peanut butter).

In all of the tek-tek excitement, I forgot to take a photo. Gwenyth’s will have to do!

PS: Some of you may have noticed that I’ve changed the blog’s look. It may or may not be temporary – I’m experimenting a bit with a different theme & style, so bear with me.


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