June 2013 Favourites

Happy July! Another busy month has gone by in the blink of an eye. Highlights of this month were our trip to Exmoor, a day trip out to a fantastic horseshow for me, H.’s birthday present (flight simulator!), and a weekend visit from a good friend from Germany. 🙂 This is the first year I have made it to July without a tan line of some sort. BUT, I will not do the typical British thing and complain about the weather. 😉

Here are a few links for this month:

◌ A link to Goop’s street food edition (where I found the recipe for tek tek noodles).

◌ I recommended May We Be Forgiven in May, but I have to repeat myself. 10/10.

◌ Really want to try this one pan pasta!

◌ DREAMY outdoor showers! (One of my favourite things in life).

◌ This was sent to me by my friend J. and is awesome – reading should be like breathing; a “non-negotiable part of your life.” This is exactly the way I have approached reading in recent years and it has allowed me to get through a lot of books.

◌ Speaking of reading, I love summer recommendations. Here are some good ones: the Guardian; Writers’ Trust of Canada; & brainy beach reads from Newsweek.

◌ And speaking of summer, here is a best of summer list from Dinner: A Love Story blog.

And finally, since Exmoor was undoubtedly the highlight of my month, I have to share another photo:

Moors and fields
Moors and fields

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