Mint Lemonade (2 versions)

The UK is in the middle of a crazy heatwave — perfect timing for both versions of this refreshing lemonade. The first is a nonalcoholic one, with sprigs of mint added to traditional lemonade (lemons, sugar, water). The mint makes the lemonade even more refreshing and gives it a slightly different and deeper flavour. I’ve made this several times recently, for visiting friends, family, and just for ourselves, at breakfast and in the evening, and it’s gone down well every time.

Felicity Cloake’s alcoholic version is excellent as well. I modified the recipe for a much smaller amount using only one lemon and lime. I added a teaspoon of sugar (adjust appropriately! I don’t like my lemonade that sweet), and a good slug of gin. I’m drinking it now, and for those that don’t list gin among their favourite tipples (do those people exist? ;)), I can barely taste it in this drink.



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