Upside-down Peach Muffins

I’m a bit behind with my posts, since the last thing I would want to make in this 30+ degree weather is these muffins (especially considering I adapted them from a Christmas recipe!). These were definitely baked and consumed pre-July ’13 heatwave.

I was in the mood for muffins made with summer fruit. I ended up using a Christmas plum muffin recipe and substituting the plums for peaches (this recipe isn’t the one I used but it very similar). The peaches came from the local fruiterer’s.

All went well until they went into the oven — the batter overflowed and dripped down into the bottom of the oven, causing the whole thing to become very smokey. We had to take them out briefly, clean the oven, and then put them back in. Annoying!

The end product was unfortunately too sweet for my taste. I often cut down the amount of sugar in recipes like these and I should’ve done it this time — 200g was too much. They were also a bit finicky with the peach on the bottom. Next time I make similar muffins I will chop the fruit and include it throughout.




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