Thai Chili Beef Burgers

H. and I eat a lot of Thai food and both of us are partial to the occasional juicy burger. When I came across this post I naturally had to add it to my to-make list as it seemed the perfect combo. (That site, by the way, is fast becoming one of my favourite online sources for all kinds of straightforward and accessible Asian recipes).

The prep is very similar to any other burger. The Thai elements are curry paste, chopped coriander, and soy sauce. In the absence of a BBQ :(, we grilled them in the oven, which although not optimal worked fine.

These burgers went down well with both members of the test kitchen! Next time I will add more curry paste as 1 tbsp wasn’t enough heat for either of us. We had them with homemade fries and some fresh veg. We tried them with both Thai chili-garlic sauce as well as the more traditional cheese (for H.) and ketchup, but I think you could put just about anything on these burgers and make it as Thai or non-Thai as you want.

Pictured here without bun

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