Two Summer Salads

As I’ve mentioned recently, the weather has been extremely warm lately here in the UK (and it seems to feel even hotter in a big and crowded city!). Cooking in such high temperatures, even as late as 9pm, has been very unattractive. Earlier this week I went on a hunt for meals that required little cooking, preferably those with lots of fresh veg. These two made the cut and received our stamps of approval. They are both very adaptable as well.

Soy-Glazed Chicken Salad
This is a recipe from delicious magazine. It’s very easy to throw together (cooking the chicken is the longest part) and looks and tastes like a summer’s evening, really. This way of cooking the chicken (2 minutes’ frying on each side) was perfect. It was VERY tender and juicy. The dressing is tart and refreshing at the same time – lots of fresh herbs are a must.

soy glazed chick salad

Rice Noodle Salad with Greens, Tofu, & Peanuts
A couple of months ago I bought Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Veg Everyday on a whim. I did not regret it: it’s a fantastic book that is full of amazing recipes highlighting veggies. This is one of them (available here online). For veg I used green beans, mange tout, snow peas, and cucumber. I also added tofu as since I like the taste and texture of it in a salad. The dressing is rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice and zest, garlic, and chilli. Serve with extra lime & soy sauce. Enjoy!



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