Blueberry Mascarpone Tart

When packing for our trip just over a month ago, I found this recipe in my battered stash of cut-out pages — it happens to be from the May 2011 edition of Waitrose magazine (haha). I decided to bring it with me to Nova Scotia in case I got the opportunity to make it.

As it turns out, I did. But due to a few major modifications, the end product ended up being only loosely based on the original recipe.  😉 The most obvious change I made was that the original called for both blueberries and raspberries, and as you can see I only used the former. The reason for this was that I couldn’t find fresh raspberries and I didn’t want to use frozen, so I decided to forego them. The second change was that instead of using lemon curd (the type of one-use item you don’t want to spend $7 when you’re in a holiday home), I added lemon juice and zest to the mascarpone mixture.

To be honest, this tart was a wee bit disappointing. The flavour needed to be less sweet and more acidic (I therefore ended up regretting my modifications!). Although I love blueberries, the overall taste was too mellow for me, especially combined with the buttery creamy cheese. The tart was also a bit dry after it had been in the fridge for a day. Would I make it again?  In its original intended form, probably. It’s no-bake and very easy to throw together so perfect for a summer’s afternoon treat.



2 thoughts on “Blueberry Mascarpone Tart

  1. Karin Montin 25/08/2013 / 3:12 pm

    Lemon curd is not one use! Eat it on bread or toast. Put it in plain yogurt (takes a lot of stirring). Bake minitart shells and fill.

    • K.M. 25/08/2013 / 10:32 pm

      I know that Karin but we only had a couple of days left and I didn’t see how I could use up the big jar. Already had lemon Liberte yogurt (yum) and no toast! Lots of other uses for it I know.

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