Easiest Dinner Party Chicken Dish

Chicken can be a bit boring and it wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice for dinner party fare. However, it IS easy and it is dependable. Saturday in Sandy Cove is Garden Party Day, and those tasked with preparing supper that night (especially when you are hosting people) have to make sure they are prepared in advance!

While searching for a recipe I came across this one from the always-dependable delicious. magazine. I made it twice, the first time for a party of 6 (family) on that aforementioned Saturday in SC, and the second for me, H., and our exciting visitor back in London, S. my Australian roommate from first year uni! It proved a winner both times.

The first time we served it with baby new potatoes, boiled carrots, and a salad (all from my uncle’s garden). The second time we had carrots and a couscous salad. Both times with coriander, garlic, & lemon yogurt, although it almost doesn’t need it. We also browned the chicken slightly after baking it both times, more for looks than anything else.

I don’t have a picture of the chicken so I’ll leave you with a sunset picture instead. 🙂

NS 2013 part 2 042


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