Black Pepper Tofu Gone Wrong

Tofu is not really a typical Sandy Cove food. Lobster, fish, salads, fresh veggies, yes, but for some reason I think of tofu as a city food. However, when we were there we had some to use up, so I attempted Ottolenghi’s Black Pepper Tofu from Plenty. I say attempted because it did NOT turn out well at all and in fact was barely edible. How could it go so wrong you might ask!

The original recipe is for tofu only, no accompanying sides. Since we wanted to make it into a more substantial meal by using up some rice noodles, I decided I would double the sauce ingredients. WHAT A MISTAKE! One of the main ingredients of the sauce is soy sauce and the end product was way, WAY too salty. Unfortunately after a couple of bites I could no longer stomach the dish.

I will try to make this again soon, without my modifications, and report back. All other reviews seem glowing so I really do have to try it again!

Recipe available online here.

May look good but it tasted terrible.
May look good but it tasted terrible.

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