Scallops in Garlic, Cream, & White Wine Sauce

I am sad to report that this is my last post from our 2 1/2 weeks in Nova Scotia this summer! ūüė¶ It has been great to ‘look back’ on some great meals and even better memories over the last two weeks. It was overcast, rainy, and 14 degrees in London today, so autumn is definitely closing in. ūüėČ

This meal was our last in Sandy Cove and our second last Nova Scotia. It was extremely cobbled together at the last minute — post late afternoon dog walk and pre music night with friends. The plan was leftover chicken¬†and¬†steamed veggies with these scallops as a supposed stater (in actuality we ate them with the main meal).

Although I have eaten them many times and watched them being prepared many times, I had never actually cooked scallops myself before. I did some very quick Googling and found this simple way to prepare them. I was desperate to avoid either under- and over-cooking them and fortunately succeeded. Although a bit haphazard this meal was a nice celebration of simplicity and local seafood and vegetables.

Slapdash meal

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