Late Summer 2013 Favourites

It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites post. Due to gaps and travel I decided I’d wait until September to do a big roundup.

◌ Insane whale sighting while kayaking! Luckily we did not experience anything like this in Alaska!

This is a bit of a strange article on Martha, but I like this line: “work hard, know your value, and have enough confidence in your work and value to keep pressing forward whether or not people seem to like you.”

Ice cream with gin? Yes, please!

◌ Books roundup – my favourites this summer: Caught, The Silent Wife, & Bring Up the Bodies.

The Independent‘s 50 best travel websites.

◌ I like these framed posters!

◌ The BEST rules for baby naming ever.

Cooking at Louisbourg – and those mushrooms look SO good!

◌ “We get angry, disappointed, bored, impatient. We make huge mistakes and we fail. But that, too, is the beauty of life in the kitchen.” (celebrating 250 of the Kitchin’s weekend meditations).

This is a great collection of kitchen tips & tricks.

◌ It’s been making the rounds, but these maps are incredible.

House of Cards. If you are a Netflix subscriber and haven’t seen this series, you are missing out big time!

Money management by decade. Hmmmmmm.

These interviews with NYT food critics past & present are great.

13 ways to make hummus.

And, as summer fades into fall, some things I’m looking forward to: a weekend trip to Derbyshire/Peak District to meet my new second cousin, soup, wine tea and good books as darkness falls at 4pm, crisp leaves and walks on Hampstead Heath, Paris, roasts and casseroles, pumpkins, & new beginnings.

NS part 3 358


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