Roasted Tomato Sauce

I have always wanted to make tomato sauce from scratch — it seems like the perfect summer-into-fall kitchen transition, and a healthier option than canned sauces which we use occasionally depending on what we’re making. I love tomatoes and try to incorporate them in as many dishes as possible especially during this time of the year when the market is overflowing with them.

I loosely based my version on this one, roasting mine in two batches. And sorry, I stupidly did not weigh my tomatoes at the start so can’t give you a precise amount – somewhere between 1.5 & 2 kgs/3.5-4.5 lbs. This made enough for 4 portions so we were able to save leftovers and use it twice.

While I enjoyed both the process and end result, I probably won’t do it again anytime soon. The reason is that, for our current situation, this dish isn’t really flat/apartment friendly (yes I know that’s not really an excuse — see smitten kitchen!). But for some reason homemade tomato sauce screams tons of Mason jars and big-country-kitchen-own-tomatoes. It’s not, I know, but lack of space + law of diminishing returns (to get all economics-minor on you!) makes this not the ideal thing to make in our current circumstances. We will, however, continue to use canned tomatoes and make our own pasta sauces which although not quite as rewarding is still a better option than the pre-made versions.


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