Shrimp Salad with Tamarind-Coriander Dressing

I’ve gotten a little out of chronological order with my posts because this is definitely more of a late summer salad. Oh well. The recipe first appeared in Ottolenghi’s Guardian column about a month ago, but I think could be used year-round with frozen shrimp and corn if one was inclined.

I don’t think the title of the post/recipe really does the salad justice. There are so many delicious and essential components: the greens, shrimp, pancetta (I used bacon), corn, coriander, and mint. As you may be able to tell, I took a few shortcuts on the grilling, namely, I didn’t grill my prawns or corn. I also used mixed greens rather than just rocket. Otherwise I followed the recipe pretty closely.

This is definitely a coriander-heavy salad which regular readers of this blog know that I love! We ate this on its own and it was absolutely delicious (and the portion size is large for 2 people). As with a lot of Ottolenghi recipes the combination isn’t always the most obvious and at some points you doubt whether it’s going to all come together, but it usually does. I think the dressing could also work on lots of other stuff too. 

shrimp salad

(For anyone interested, the bowls are from Denby Pottery in Derbyshire).


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