Cinnamon Rolls {dairy-free}

A couple of weekends ago, H. and I hosted our biggest gathering in our flat to date, all family, for a total of 8 for brunch. In addition to regular brunch items, I wanted to have something homemade and baked, and decided on cinnamon buns.

I originally wanted to use this recipe from Chef Michael Smith. However, I also wanted my dairy-free sister to be able to eat them, so a quick Google search brought me this one (I did think of straight-out substituting dairy-free products in Smith’s recipe but then decided against it on the high probability that something would go wrong. A good decision I think).

Everything was going scarily and surprisingly well for me (even the rolling out), until I left the buns to rise. I placed them in a barely-heated oven but promptly forgot to turn the heat down. Result: the oven got too hot, killed the yeast, and the buns barely rose. đŸ˜¦

I was disappointed with the end result although our polite guests of course said they were good. Their taste was alright, but they were a bit dry and overdone, certainly not how I envisioned them, and so I wasn’t happy with that. Ah well. This is the frustration of baking sometimes.

paris 026
Better luck next time!!


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