Lamb Buttermilk Curry

Full disclosure: lamb is not my favourite meat. I eat it very rarely and in fact I think this is the first time I’d ever bought it myself. But, browsing though my Vij’s cookbook one day, this recipe caught my eye, and I decided to try it as something new (note that it can also be made with beef). This curry is obviously made with buttermilk and a combination of spices, so not too tricky to prepare. Or so I thought.

It was a bit of a disaster. I made a fundamental, beginner’s error right at the start: I made my own buttermilk because I couldn’t find it at any of the shops nearby. MISTAKE. The milk I used did not have enough fat, and as a result of that plus our ancient stove (hard to control the heat), the milk broke. It looked absolutely horrendous, and I thought for sure the whole thing was ruined.

After simmering for about 2 hours and with the addition of a bit of sauce thickener, it looked a lot better. The meat was tender, the curry tasty, but the texture of the lamb was completely off for me. H., on the other hand, really liked it.

There is no picture for this one, for two reasons. One, I don’t have one of the end product. And two, the one I do have (from mid-way through making it) is awful (M. can attest to that!). The cookbook warns you that “it will not win any prizes for appearance” (!) and they are right.

Conclusion (I am in paper-writing mode here, sorry): I will attempt this again someday, only with proper buttermilk and with beef, and report back.


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