An Autumn Dinner Party

To start
Apple & rosemary prosecco fizz

Cream of cauliflower soup

Apple-roasted pork tenderloin with a balsamic glaze {recipe}
Roasted potatoes and carrots
Spinach salad

Belgian chocolate

We recently hosted H.’s colleague and friend, T., and her boyfriend C. for dinner. If this post was a magazine feature, there’d be shots of leaf garlands, pumpkins, and cozy candles. So, please picture that in your mind as you read through (minus the leaves – inside at least)! 😉

When thinking about what to make, I wanted to start with a cocktail, which I think is a really nice way to begin an evening if you have cocktail lovers in the group! Since we know C. loves prosecco, I decided to incorporate that using a base of (pure) apple juice and a sprig of rosemary topped up with fizz. Delicious! [sidenote: I just read today about a similar cocktail featuring Somerset pomona, which is a mix of apple juice and cider brandy. Yum].

For the main I wanted to do something that was distinctively seasonal, and when we found 3 lovely pork tenderloins at the market, I decided on roast pork with apples using the Martha recipe linked above. The pork turned out really well – my only complaint is that the glaze was very sticky and after it cooled was hard to spread.

Everything came together albeit ever-so-slightly frantically at the last moment while the pork rested and I zapped the pre-boiled potatoes in the oven for some crispiness (I look forward to the day I have an oven with more than one rack). Everyone enjoyed the meal and because we had so much pork, there was enough to last H. and I two more meals. The next evening I made a stirfry using the sauce recipe in this post.

Finally, not to the neglect the wine, the most an important part of dinner parties! We had this Bordeaux, recommended at our local wine shop. 🙂


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