Tarte aux Pommes

I have been wanting to make an apple tart since, oh, about the third week of September. There is something just so inviting about them. For weeks on end (seriously, where has autumn gone?) I bought nice apples at the market but never got around to making one until about 3 weeks ago. I used a recipe from delicious‘s October edition.

Although it was quiet tasty, the tart didn’t really turn out as expected. To quote Mary and Paul, my bottom was soggy! (I actually can’t stand the phrase so not sure why I’m repeating it!). Why? I’m pretty hard on our oven on this blog but yet again I have to blame it. It is ancient and an odd shape and of course is just slightly smaller than normal tray sizes. So things often have to go in on an angle. The juices ran down to one end of it. Once they dried, however, it was no problem.

Given that I crammed this in between preparing for my conferences in Belgium (and made it at 6:30am the day before I left….yes I have lately taken to baking in the early hours of the morning) as well as a whole host of other ‘normal’ PhD work, I wasn’t too upset that it didn’t turn out perfectly. Most of it was left for H. while I was away for 5 days, but isn’t that the whole point of baking anyway? Comfort and sharing. 🙂

tarte aux pommes


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