Every once and a while some endeavours in the kitchen just fail completely. This is what happened to my first attempt at making falafel. Man, I was disappointed. I love falafel and was really looking forward to making it, especially because I’d had a particularly rough day and was counting on the restorative process of making and enjoying a meal! 😦

I used Ottolenghi’s recipe from Jerusalem. What went wrong then? First I couldn’t get the food processor to work properly. That set me back a good 30 minutes. But the real problem came during the frying of the falafel(s?). Ottolenghi says to use a generous amount of oil, which I did. But the oil wasn’t hot enough, and when I fried them, they completely fell apart. This sort of thing has happened to me once before, although whatever I made (can’t remember!) was able to be rescued that time. Not so now. The falafel became crumbs… a horrendous crumbly mess!

We still ate it (sort of), with a cucumber and tomato salad, homemade hummus, and coriander-yogurt sauce. H. kept assuring me that it was still tasty but of course I was disappointed. Stay tuned for v. 2.0 . . .

Broken falafel, broken dreams


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