Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I have always wanted to try my hand at making gnocchi. When I saw this posted at one of my new favourite blogs, Half Baked Harvest, I thought it looked like a delicious recipe and a good opportunity to try it out.

Making gnocchi is quite a labourious task and should be set aside for an evening when you know you have some extra time. In most cases the first step will be boiling or roasting the potatoes (unless you happen to have extra mashed potatoes lying around). I roasted mine for about 35 minutes. The next step is preparing the mixture of sweet potatoes, Parmesan, eggs, burrata or ricotta (my local shop had neither, so I used ‘fresh cheese’ which isn’t as good as German Frischkäse unfortunately), salt, then adding the flour and mixing and shaping the gnocchi. This was definitely the most time-consuming part. Mine definitely did not look very uniform and I also made them too big.

I served them with the caramelized mushrooms and goat cheese as in the recipe I linked to, as well as a side salad. H. loved this meal and in particular the gnocchi but I thought they were just okay — a little bland (you are your own worst critic!). I am glad I tried this, but I don’t think I will be making gnocchi again anytime soon: it is simply too time-consuming!

A little flour-y?
Dough before it is cut up into small gnocchi: a little flour-y?
Finished product: sweet potato gnocchi with mushrooms and goat cheese.
Finished product: sweet potato gnocchi with mushrooms and goat cheese.

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