Plum, Marzipan, & Cinnamon Muffins

Last weekend, H. played a concert. It was an informal, community-type affair and afterwards guests stuck around for coffee and baked goods. My contribution was meant to be carrot cake and these muffins. Fortunately I made two things because the carrot loaf, for reasons that are still unknown to me, absolutely failed (my guess is too much carrot = too wet = did not rise).

As with most Ottolenghi recipes (this one from his original self-titled cookbook), these are not just any slap-dash muffins that can be thrown together at any minute. Of course there are multiple steps involved, the first being the plum compote (cut up and de-stone plums, add some sugar and a cinnamon stick and pop it in the oven for ~15 mins). After the compote is made, the muffins are assembled (some of the compote is added into them). This was the first time I had ever used marzipan, and it was surprisingly easy to work with, grated into the mix.

The recipe calls for 480g flour, which I thought seemed like a lot for 10-12 muffins [note that I got 16]. It was. Unfortunately I found the muffins slightly too dense. They were tasty, but their texture was a bit off. That was disappointing.

I made the choice not to put the rest of the compote on top for reasons of convenience, because it would have made transporting them 100x harder. However also works on top of cereal or granola or alone with plain yogurt.

earlydec 027


earlydec 029


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