December 2013 Favourites

A little late! But better than never. I am snowed in at my parents’ as yet another storm hits Nova Scotia, so thought it would be the ideal time to post. Happy 2014 everyone, and may it be a great year for all! I should have some food posts coming within the next week or so.

◌ Some great detox recipes for the post-holiday period!

◌ One day I will have a reading nook.

◌ I didn’t devote a whole post to it because it’s very simple, but last month we made salmon Mark Bittman’s way and it was fantastic.

◌ Two fantastic books I read in December that both blew me away, in very different ways: Why Men Lie (recommended in my Holiday Reads post) and Quiet.

◌ I love these “bite-sized” resolutions for better health.

Tweet less, read more.

This movie was unexpectedly very entertaining!

◌ And since there seems to be a theme of renewal and regeneration in this list, I thought I’d post the link for Apartment Therapy’s January cure. I think it’s a great idea and have made my own modest list for our flat in London. 🙂

Christmas 1926


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