Peanut Butter Balls

It’s now nearly mid-January (how did that happen?), and I’ve yet to post anything food-related since I’ve been home in NS for nearly a month now. I’ve been trying to do a little computer detoxing this trip and it has proved to be very refreshing. Although I haven’t been cooking here much, I do have a few posts to share. I leave to go back to London in a few days and figure I should start blogging again!

This post is a little late: I made these peanut butter balls from the very popular Oh She Glows a couple of days before Christmas (as if we needed more food!).

I followed the recipe pretty exactly although (for ease, more than anything) only dipped the top half of them in chocolate. Lots of members of my family enjoyed them but my only complaint was that they were a little on the dry and cloying side, especially after a few days. I’d therefore recommend eating them up as soon as possible. They are a sweet treat without being too sweet, but they are quite rich as well.


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