Shrimp Cakes with Potato & Shallot Gratin

Hello again from London! I arrived back in the early hours of Thursday morning after a long but relatively stress-free journey (record-breaking flying time + seat next to me free = better than usual).

My first post back into my “regular life” is actually something I made while at home over Christmas. Ever since I first saw this shrimp cakes post, I have wanted to make them. I love how Picard really emphasizes the “Nova Scotian” in his cooking, and they just looked so delicious. I decided to try them when I hosted a friend for dinner.

The cakes were easy to put together and also easy to cook (although mine looked nowhere near as good!). They were also really tasty, although the accompanying mayo was not my favourite (see more below). To go with the shrimp I made another Bite House dish, shallot, spinach, & potato gratin. I am trying to branch out a bit in 2014: as I am not an onion lover I would normally not make this or leave the shallots out completely. However I decided to try it.

Unfortunately I ultimately found the combination too heavy. Even with a big leafy salad it was a little much. First of all the Acadian remoulade was too cloying and I felt it sort of drowned out the taste of the cakes. And then the gratin: I should have chosen a different side or just left it out altogether. That was my own fault. I’m glad I tried the gratin but for me the cheese ruined it; I needed a much stronger cheddar (living in England has spoiled me I guess) or a different cheese altogether. I also did not use enough spinach so instead of wilted throughout it looked and tasted a little out of place. However the leftover gratin make a great hash the next morning. 😉

I don't have a picture of the meal so here is the charcuterie plate I made instead!
I don’t have a picture of the meal so here is the pre-meal charcuterie plate I made instead!

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