Lamb Meatballs with Chickpea Salad

On my last night in Nova Scotia earlier this month (yes, still backtracking a bit), my dad tasked me with making supper. He had some ground lamb he wanted to use up, so I searched for a recipe and came up with this one for lamb meatballs. Since he loves Middle Eastern-inspired food I knew it would be a good choice!

I made the meatballs nearly as directed. I experimented a bit with cooking them as I had two batches using the smaller toaster oven. I baked the first batch and broiled the second (the recipe says to broil). The latter came out better although the baked ones were perfectly good too – it is more about colour than anything.

Since lamb isn’t my favourite meat and I never buy it ground if I buy it at all, it’s likely that I will not make this again anytime soon. However I must say that the meatballs and accompanying sauce were absolutely delicious! I could see the combination working well with beef too.

To complete the meal we had a modified chickpea salad based on this one from Ottolenghi.




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