January 2014 Favourites

Well, 2014 is already 1/12th over, believe it or not! It’s been a great start to the new year for me. I spent the first half of this month home with family and great friends, and flew back to London on the 15th to be reunited with H. 🙂 2014 is already shaping up to be a busy one with a few exciting trips planned and lots of hard work but exciting times on the horizon, PhD-wise. Here are a few links & things I’ve enjoyed this month.

◌ I love Edith Windsor’s definition of love.

Ingredients to avoid in beauty products.

◌ H. & I almost never watch films in the theatre anymore because it costs around £25 (close to $50 CDN) for the two of us to see one film [a week’s worth of heat, 3 nice glasses of wine at our local pub…]. However we recently went to see American Hustle (it’s just out here in the UK now) and both thought it was excellent. Next on our list is The Wolf of Wall Street.

◌ I found this week’s food journal, from the author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, very interesting.

◌ 12 things every home should have. Hmmmm. We’ve got a long way to go.

I don’t often (ever?) link academic-related things on this blog, but I found this a fascinating and eye-opening read (and unfortunately not in a good way): conferencing while pregnant.

Haggis puffs = YUM!

◌ Recommended reading: Garlic and Sapphires and Life After Life.

One of 2013's last sunsets.
One of 2013’s last sunrises.

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