White Bean & Tomato Panade

I wouldn’t normally post something as … cobbled together/what-am-I-going-to-eat-tonight as this (especially when the main ingredients are beans, canned tomatoes, and old bread — huh?), but the dish really surprised me and so just has to be shared.

Most nights, H. and I eat together. We do live together after all. But sometimes our schedules, particularly midweek, clash. When H. eats alone he nearly always makes either (1) a sandwich or (2) some pasta dish. On the other hand, when I’m cooking for myself I like to try something new, when and where possible! This is the perfect example of that. I found the recipe on the Kitchn (followed it pretty much to the T). A panade is apparently bread soup.

I urge you to try this. It is sooo tasty and really easy to throw together. It’s a little carb-heavy, but very warming and the perfect winter wind and rain meal.

bean and bread panade

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day. I will be celebrating with a morning’s worth of editing, volunteering for 3 hours, attending a seminar on the upcoming European Parliament elections, and then coming home to this meal! To keep things interesting, for the second time this winter we have no heat and hot water! Lovely.


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