February 2014 Favourites

February has been a pretty ‘knuckle down’ month for me. It’s been the wettest winter since records began in England — the perfect weather for lots of writing and lots of cups of tea which is how I feel like I spent my month! I know that I will make lots of my North American readers roll their eyes when I say I am missing snow, but it’s true. Good thing I was able to get a fix over Christmas in NS.

The good news is that this month I’ve crossed a lot off the to-do list, PhD-wise. AND, in other news, H. & I have started a Highgate “pub crawl” (not in one night). We’ve always gone to the same local, so we’ve decided to try all 12 pubs in our area & see what we’ve been missing (or not). Stay tuned for those results. 🙂 In the meantime,

◌ A collection of winter remedies from Design Crush.

◌ YUM: these nuts look so good.

◌ Thanks to M. for sharing this interesting piece on modern marriage.

Thai red curry shrimp dumplings? Yes please! (Also, the Guardian‘s Cook had a great collection of dumpling recipes last week).

This thrift store challenge reminds me how much I love a good bargain and how rewarding second-hand shopping can be.

◌ I’d like one of everything on this menu!

◌  The Olympics. 4 mornings in a row H. & I sipped coffee & watched the Olympics pre-8am while we had plumbers and electricians clanging around our flat (8 days without heat 😦 ). It is very weird yet very awesome to be living outside of your homeland during the Olympics. As the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. The women’s hockey final was I think one of the best games I have seen of any sport, ever!

◌ I recently made this kale + chickpea salad & it was really delicious. Recommended.

◌ If you’re on Instagram, I’d follow Design Crush for, at the very least, her really inspiring quotes of the day.

How to store lemons (who knew?).

◌ Kind of love this: getting married at an engagement party (first part of the post). (Debate?)

◌ House of Cards. ’nuff said. (I’m on s02e09).

Arthur's Seat from Calton Hill, Edinburgh (early February 2014)
Arthur’s Seat from Calton Hill, Edinburgh (early February 2014)

One thought on “February 2014 Favourites

  1. Anonymous 05/03/2014 / 6:53 pm

    those nuts are sooo good. Best thing is a canya (small cold beer) and a plate full of these nuts.

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