Brussels, balance, & cooking for one in a limited kitchen

Hello world! 🙂 Yet again I’ve let quite a while pass without an update. The reason for yet more radio silence is that I’ve temporarily uprooted and am in Brussels. I’ve been here since the end of March and will be staying on most of this month, with a little 3-day sojourn to Germany for Easter. I am here conducting interviews with EU officials for my PhD research.

It’s an interesting time for me. As a PhD student one of my biggest challenges has always been balance (and any PhD’er will admit the same). Balance between work and play, between writing and reading, between planning for the future and focusing on your present work, between reading a journal article or a novel, etc. I have had to learn a LOT about balance over the past 18 months, and am still learning. But with my life in London it is easier because I have developed a life outside of my work with H., friends, family, and activities. Here, I am faced with that challenge again, but it’s even more pronounced because I am totally out of my normal routine. It’s taken some getting used to and I’ve felt a little lost. I’ve also been suffering from terrible hayfever since I have been here which has been affecting my sleep and concentration.

I had intended to post an update and recipe for Lucy Waverman’s Lime Pudding Cakes that I made a couple of weeks ago when we had our friends C. & S. over for dinner, but I realized I only have the recipe in her latest cookbook which is of course back in London. That will have to wait!

I’ve been trying to eat as healthily as possible since I’ve been here but not been trying anything new. The little kitchen I have here is challenging. It has 4 big gas burners but only a toaster oven, so I’ve mostly been making stove-top items only. Another big factor is that I’m on a limited budget so don’t want to spend a lot of money on ingredients I’ll only use once. Needless to say I haven’t been doing much elaborate cooking, but I do plan on doing a post about cooking easy and healthy meals on a limited budget and with limited resources quite soon.

I’m also planning a big favourites post will come over Easter for those who didn’t get your month-end fix. 😉 To finish, here are a few Brussels pics.

The European Parliament
The European Parliament
Dinner Sunday at a Moroccan restaurant: my friend S. came to visit me for the weekend.
Dinner Sunday at a Moroccan restaurant. My friend S. drove all the way from southern Germany to visit me for the weekend!
A sunny Grand Place
A sunny Grand Place

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