Easter 2014 Favourites

Happy belated Easter everyone; I hope you’ve all managed to relax and enjoy the weekend! H. & I spent our Easter in northern Germany and it was a real whirlwind of surprise parties ( 😉 ), lots of eating, and a couple of bike rides in the German countryside squeezed in.
What a month this has been so far. Lots of ups and downs and a very scattered day to day life in Brussels. Come next weekend I will be back in London and regular posts will resume. I cannot wait to get backed to my well-stocked kitchen and regular cooking habits! Here are a few tidbits to chomp on in the meantime.

◌ Ask for a window seat.

◌ The Oxford comma: I am a fan. I think we’re a dying breed.

◌ An edible Canadian roadtrip. Love this!

◌ This made me laugh.

◌ On confidence in the kitchen.

◌ I quite liked this “What your favourite food magazine has to say about you” feature. Mine is Saveur (for American mags) and it’s surprisingly accurate: “You have a deep, illustrious soul with a never-ending need for travel. Even though you never stay in one place for too long, and you have many important relationships around the world. You will end up living by the ocean, in a small Virginia Woolf-esque house with a few pets and your loved ones.” I can only hope!!

◌ Ha!

◌ Books: I’ve read a couple of good things lately: Apple Tree Yard and An Officer and a Spy. Currently halfway through The Goldfinch (thanks to 12 hours on trains this long weekend).

◌ On a book-related note, I was very sad to hear of the death of Alistair MacLeod, a brilliant Nova Scotian novelist. No Great Mischief is one of my favourites.

◌ Everything you can do with a lemon (one of my favourite ingredients).

◌ Spend less, drink better.

◌ The best independent travel magazines according to the Guardian.

◌ These two salsa recipes make me really look forward to summer cooking!

À la prochaine 🙂


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