Lemon Cheesecake

Hello, readers. ūüôā I am finally back in my kitchen, albeit temporarily. Looking back, this spring has been an interesting one. I have spent very little time cooking — comparatively less than any period in recent memory. February and March were very busy as I completed an important exam (1 of only 2 in my entire PhD career), and since then, I have been away a lot (work and play, more of the former but fortunately some of the latter too ūüôā ). I figured out that in the roughly 90-day period between mid-March & mid-June, I will have been away from London over 50 nights. By mid-June I will have slept in 9 cities in 90 days. This time has been (is!) extremely exciting and in many cases very¬†rewarding both professionally and personally,¬†but challenging¬†at times because I’ve felt so unsettled.

I am leaving again for a week on Sunday, but in the meantime I’ve resolved to cook (and share) as many meals as possible,¬†since I’ve really missed it.

Last week, H. and I (along with 4 other members of my family) were in Spain (more on that to come). The house we were staying in backed onto its own little lemon grove. Having lemons at the ready was so luxurious and foreign to me, and I LOVE lemons! I brought a few back with me and decided to use one in a lemon cheesecake.

Unfortunately this cheesecake was more annoying than ones I’ve made in the past (see¬†blackberry, peanut butter & chocolate, &¬†sesame, yogurt, & honey) and a couple of things went wrong. The first thing was that I burned the ginger cookie base (in my defense, this was only sort of¬†my fault — I was using my phone as a timer and it shut itself off without me realizing, so by the time I remembered it was too late). So, I had to start over again with the base.

I cut the recipe in half to make a flatter, slimmer cheesecake (because I only had one tub of cream cheese).¬†However I inadvertently made it “slimmer” than expected — about¬†15 minutes after¬†I got round #2 in the oven, I realized that I’d forgotten the sugar!!¬†Again, this was down to me not paying attention:¬†I’d printed the recipe out from Bon Appetit’s website, and half of the instructions had gotten cut off on the side of the page, including the part about when to add the sugar. Duh. Silly.

I thought the cake would be a write-off but much to our surprise it actually tastes alright! In fact, it’s way better than expected! Some of the sugar from the ginger cookie base sort of seeped into the top part of the cake, and we don’t even miss it. If I had made the full cake I think it would have been more noticeable, but it worked fine in this smaller version. Who knew!


cheesecake 724


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