Rhubarb & Polenta Muffins

It’s so funny how one’s tastebuds change as time passes. When I was younger I really couldn’t stand rhubarb. My mum has always loved it — we used to pick it wild out of our neighbour’s garden (with permission, of course!) and she’d stew it and eat it plain with everything. At the time I thought it was awful. Now I love it.

Kathryn’s post on London Bakes immediately appealed because I happened to have all of the ingredients and I was intrigued by the addition of polenta. Baking with polenta is completely new to me, but I have to say I’m pleased with the results. *Although these muffins say gluten-free in their original version, mine were not, as I used a combination of plain & wholemeal flour. The flour content is very low though – only 50g.

I doubled the recipe because 6 muffins don’t last long in our household! (Note that I wasn’t even able to snap a picture of all 12!). The only other change I made is cutting the sugar in half as per one of the comments. The polenta gives the muffins a very distinctive, slightly gritty texture that I daresay would not appeal to everyone. It’s not Starbucks-smooth. But I like the added bite. The best comparison I can come up with is sand! But good sand (ha!). I was not sure how the muffins would go down with H., but he likes them as well, and I do think they’d appeal to most.

Padova 107

PS: Random fact of the day –> rhubarb is actually a vegetable. Except in New York.


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