The Humble Egg

I started writing this post around Father’s Day, with the intention of being slightly more timely and dedicating it to my dad. However good my intentions, it obviously didn’t happen. So, while I may be a few weeks late, I’m still dedicating it to him. ūüôā

My dad is THE healthiest person I know. He is very strict when it comes to diet and exercise and I really look up to him for that. He is a huge champion of (in his words) “the humble egg.” Whenever I am pondering out loud what to cook one night, he invariably suggests eggs! I think it’s a good reminder, because it’s easy to¬†over-complicate things when actually a simple and delicious meal can often be staring you right in the face.

In the spirit of that I’m sharing¬†a couple of egg-based recipes. The first is this chorizo, chickpea, & spinach frittata. We were lucky to still have some chorizo from our recent trip to Spain. Both H. & I enjoyed this — the¬†varying textures really make it. I didn’t include the roasted red pepper but I bet it would be even better with it.

Padova 092

Padova 096


The second one is my own creation, another frittata, spinach, basil, & pesto. This was born out of the need to use things up before we go away, but the combination worked!

I have not yet managed to learn the art of perfect eggs. I almost always overcook them. It’s a matter of seconds too. I usually start frittatas on the stove and then put them into the oven. But as you can see the picture below doesn’t look very frittata-like and I still managed to overcook it slightly.

Looking a little hash-like....oops.
Looking a little hash-like….oops.


More of my posts featuring eggs: zucchini + tomato frittata, quiche, shakshuka part 1, shakshuka part 2, baked mushrooms + eggs, & spicy baked beans with an egg on top.


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