Spicy Kale & Brown Rice Stirfry

The name of this post has to be one of the least appetizing-sounding meals I’ve ever written about. It’s certainly not something I’d ever order at a restaurant! Fortunately its taste greatly surpasses the description. It is healthy and delicious and a bonus if like me you love brown rice.

I found the recipe on a great whole foods-focused blog that I’ve been reading for some time. I made a few changes in my version. While I love coconut milk I am not a big fan of coconut in other forms. I therefore only included about a tablespoon of toasted flakes (!). I think H. maybe would have preferred a few more. The kale also got a bit lost in mine (by the time it wilts down) — I used what I thought looked like a large bunch but probably could have done with a bit more.

This meal won full stamp of approval from both of us and is definitely a low-cook (not no-cook unfortunately) option for hot summer weather — though I will have to live vicariously through readers as the weather here in London is very temperamental and un-summer-like at the moment!

early summer 14 054
Disclaimer: this picture shows full evidence of my addiction to coriander. 😉


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