Blackberry Martinis

Longtime readers and those that know me well will know that I am not really a cocktail person. Given the choice I generally much prefer the simplicity of a glass of wine, a G&T, whisky with a bit of water, or even a beer, over a cocktail. But every once in a while a cocktail just appeals. I love how they are so celebratory and feel like something special, and on this night we had lots to celebrate — family, friends, summer, the Cove, local food (and berries), the list goes on…

I made these with my aunt and they were delicious (a little too good, because they end up tasting a bit like juice).

Blackberry (vodka) martinis
Makes 1
These measurements are approximate — feel free to adjust to your own preferences!
1 shot vodka
15 mls/ 1/2 oz lime cordial
60 mls/2 oz blackberry juice*

Combine all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, shake, and top with a blackberry!

*To make the blackberry juice using fresh berries, strain them overnight with something heavy on top. Don’t mash them as it will make the juice cloudy.

NS part 2 1127

NS part 2 1137


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