Cocoa Banana Bread

It’s been quite a while since I made this — over a month. H. and I had just arrived in Sandy Cove, from Newfoundland, and (yes) happened to have a couple of old bananas we needed to use up. (One of them may have even made the journey from NL to NS ūüėČ ). I decided to make this¬†bread thinking that I would take most of it to a dinner party we’d been invited to that night.

Truth be told, I was not too happy with it. The loaf came out quite dry and crumbly and I am not sure why. :/ No one else complained, but it just didn’t do it for me. I like my banana breads quite moist, and this one lacked that. I think I should have added a bit more buttermilk at the end. The taste was fine¬†— the cocoa makes a nice addition, although if I am going to have chocolate in banana breads I think I prefer it in chunks.¬†However this loaf didn’t¬†beat Tessa Kiros’ version,¬†which is still the best banana bread I’ve had/made.

cocoa banana bread


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