Pork & Spring Onion Pot Stickers

Ahhh, pot stickers. There are some foods that should be left to restaurants, and these might be one of them. But I was intrigued by the recipe, like a challenge, and since I was going to be near Chinatown anyway, figured I would pick up the gyoza wrappers and give them a try.

We used 500g of mince — for two, this makes quite a bit. I ended up only making around 20 pot stickers; the rest we rolled into meatballs which we fried and had for leftovers the next day.

While the dumplings were quite time consuming, the entire process was quicker than I thought. The meat mixture comes together quite quickly and of course filling and folding the wrappers takes up the most time. Be careful not to overstuff — tempting, to save time! — but the wrappers are delicate and they’ll end up breaking. I found the wrappers a little finicky but no more so than other dumpling-esque things such as shrimp raviolispring rolls, or pork parcels.

I was slightly dubious of the recommended (two-ingredient) dipping sauce — soy sauce and vinegar? But it worked amazingly, and the pot stickers were definitely tasty (aside from being a touch too salty for my tastes).

In the end though, I probably won’t make these again. They didn’t taste restaurant-quality and while I have been known to happily spend many labourious hours in the kitchen, some things are worth that effort and some not.

Sept. cooking 036

Sept. cooking 039


One thought on “Pork & Spring Onion Pot Stickers

  1. Jenipher Ritchie 29/09/2014 / 2:35 pm

    they look terrific to me I LOVE potstickers

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