Soups for Fall (roundup)

Now that the clocks have changed (at least here) and fall is truly upon us, I thought I’d share some of my favourite soups to make.

Senegalese peanut soup
This is quite simply delicious. It is one of H. & I’s all-time favourites, especially good over couscous or brown rice. Let sit for a bit if you can.

Spicy bean & lentil
This one doesn’t sound all that appealing but I promise you it tastes much better than it sounds. It’s the perfect combination of smoke, spice, and comfort, and pretty healthy too.

I am a sucker for a simple cream of cauliflower. Done well, and topped with a bit of cheese, they are so good. I particularly like the British Larder’s version.

Broccoli, lemon & Parmesan
Another one that’s let down by its name. This soup is easy to make, very tasty, and a quick way to use up a head of broccoli that might have been sitting in the fridge a day or two too long!

And, these aren’t really fall soups per se, but the corn and coconut done with frozen corn I think works just as well, and can add some brightness to a dull day. Similarly, roasted red pepper is another favourite (and much easier if you can find the peppers in a jar).

Fall in Nuremberg, Germany (5 years ago!)
Fall in Nuremberg, Germany (5 years ago!)

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