Soy Sauce-Roasted Chashews

We are hooked on these genius roasted cashews with soy sauce. I know sounds a bit odd but I really encourage you to try it. They couldn’t be simpler to make — it just requires a bit of advance thinking as you have to soak the cashews in the soy sauce overnight (or 12+) hours in advance. *Note that the roasted time says 25-30 minutes — I found it was more like 20 or 21, so I’d check them after 20. Also, don’t be worried if they don’t seem crispy when they come out of the oven — they’ll crisp up when drying. Now, go and buy some cashews and try this out! Warning: they are addictive. 🙂


Unexpected action shot!
Unexpected action shot!
The nuts!
The nuts!



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