November 2014 Favourites

Happy December! The month that always goes by the quickest every year…..which means 2014 is almost over! And Christmas is almost here.

The art of stillness: increasingly difficult in our society.

Heidi Swanson on long-term food blogging.

◌ I love the sounds of this Umbrian menu.

◌ What you need to know to become a taxi driver in London.

◌ I like this list of best books of 2014 (it’s starting) from The Walrus.

◌ A 12 days of Christmas pub crawl in London. 🙂

◌ The perfect carbonara: yum.

◌ The scale, monstrosity, and devastation the trans-Amazonian highway is staggering.

◌ H. and I watched the documentary Somm. Highly recommended — particularly with a glass or bottle of something delicious!

◌ These sweet potato chips look amazing!

Reading: I’m still working my way through the (1299-page) London. I’ve wanted to read this since we moved here, and its scope is astonishing. I’ve also just finished my first-ever (!) Alice Munro, The Beggar Maid.

◌ Love this feature on 28 of Halifax’s women working in food + drink.

Caffeine around the world….. incredible!

◌ Take the Guardian’s Happy Quiz! (For the record, I got 4.66 🙂 )

November skies
November skies

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