Baked Chicken Satay with Millet

Happy 2015 everyone!

I’m starting out the year with a rather indulgent meal, at least compared to the numerous “detox” slimline ones I’m seeing elsewhere on the internet. I’m not a huge believer in detoxes or giving something up for January. Yes, I have gotten back on track to my exercise regime, have cut back a bit on alcohol and sweet consumption, but I am not about to do anything radical this month other than follow my normally fairly healthy, “everything in moderation” eating habits. I believe in a year-round do what feels right for you. Life is too short.

I actually made this before Christmas, but am still drooling thinking about it! The recipe is from Nigel Slater’s Eat, a book I’ve wanted to try since it came out.* Fortunately I happened upon it at my local library. This chicken was the first thing I made from the book, and it was EXCELLENT. Really the perfect meal and it does not take long to prep. Once the ingreidents for the sauce are in place, you can simply leave it and get on with other things.

Both H. and I love peanut butter, although H. is definitely more addicted than I am (I don’t generally eat it on toast but in anything savoury, you really can’t go wrong!). The recipe (scroll down, slightly wonky but works) thus immediately appealed, although I sort of underestimated just how good it would be. It IS indulgent (250g PB…..erm. But I think you could do it with less). Instead of beansprouts, I served it with millet — perfect accompaniment with the nuttiness — and a kale and carrot side salad. I didn’t make a separate sauce for either; cooked the millet and just added it plain onto the plate and used the extra sauce to mop it up. Similarly, the kale, a strong green, held up too and in this recipe there is lots of extra sauce.

Bottom line: if you like PB I urge you to give this a go. I promise it won’t disappoint on cold/windy/rainy/snowy winter nights!

*Verdict on Eat: concept, layout, recipes (ones I’ve tried so far….. I mean, chicken skin popcorn!): A. Design of book: F! Whoever thought of making this book a chubby fat little thing….should not design any more books, please. Its pages won’t stay open and it’s very, very awkward to use. What a shame. I see the appeal of the design from a design perspective, but unless one has a countertop book holder (and I don’t have room for one in my current kitchen), it is completely impractical, and I feel so strongly about it that I don’t think I’ll be buying this book, unfortunately.

yummy baked chicken


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