December Roast of the Month: Roast beef with horseradish and orange cream

I’m a little late posting this since it’s the December roast. Truth be told I made this in January! December completely got away from me. The only weekend I had free was the 20th-21st and we were leaving for Germany on the 22nd, so didn’t want to cook a big meal and then not be able to enjoy the leftovers.

Anyway, onto the roast. For those of you who missed my previous installment, find it here. I pledged in November to cook and share one roast a month. The first went spectacularly well. This one was good but not spectacular. I wanted to do something other than pork, so went with a topside beef joint, recommended by local butcher, and followed this New York Times recipe. It was very easy to make, with almost no work required other than the searing.

The only thing that went wrong was that, in my opinion, the beef was slightly overdone. We have two thermometers and they read different temperatures so gambled a bit. We now know which one is more accurate! Although it was a bit over for my tastes (H. thought it was fine), it was still very tasty, and I think the horseradish and orange zest cream suited the beef perfectly.

Stay tuned for January’s roast coming soon. 🙂

IMG_6231 (2)


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