January 2015 Favourites

Oh, January. You’ve been a bit of a tough month. A big fat list to compensate.

Best new travel apps.

◌ Where to eat in London in 2015.

Airlines want you to suffer.

My life in books, by well-known Canadians.

Mac & cheese party = yum. (I sort of did this in December except made 3 versions instead of a make-your-own. You can never go wrong with mac & cheese!).

◌ This video made me laugh!

Best value destinations for 2015. I normally don’t like lists because they often look to me a bit random — I want to know the methodology behind it (typical academic). But I’ve been a fan of the Rough Guides for a long time now and this one quite intrigued me.

◌ David Chang on ramen. Ramen has exploded in London and apparently elsewhere too.

Ice huts.

◌ Some wines from Sicily to try.

◌ Reading The Lobster Kings was like reading about home.

◌ Lots of ideas how to cook chicken thighs.

I like you just the way you are. This is such a nice throwback and tribute to an onscreen presence I grew up with.

101 ways to use coconut oil.

◌ Really like this interview with Jacques Pepin.

Saveur’s 100, 2015 version

A year in cultural consumption by Steven Soderberg. I love this. And it makes me feel less weird that I keep track of books and films too.

Food podcasts (sidenote: when do people listen to podcasts? I can never seem to find the time)

Funny things tube drivers say!

Books to come in 2015!

Finally, I just LOVE this rendition of Piano Man:


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