Peanut Butter, Chocolate, & Millet Buckeyes

Some of the more observant readers may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much recently. This hasn’t really been a conscious decision. The term has started here and I’m very busy. I’m midway through the third year of my PhD, drowning in data, and both very excited about the new things I’ve found out but struggling how to make sense of it all — how to tell a coherent story. In evaluating what I can “give up” in order to make sure I am working as efficiently as possible, updating the blog has been one of them. I haven’t stopped cooking (although I’m trying to put less pressure on myself to try new things and accept that shortcuts are okay too), but I’ve found sharing to be very time consuming. For example, I have a post half-written on Burns night, when H. and I made haggis and cock-a-leekie soup. But I won’t share that now — Burns night was 2 weeks ago and it’s not timely anymore.

I am also becoming increasingly disillusioned with blogging and social media. Perhaps it is the political scientist in me that sees neoliberalism, consumerism, exclusion, us-versus-them implicit in all lifestyle blogging (including this one). That’s the world we live in and far too complicated a topic to take on in this post or this blog, but it makes me deeply uncomfortable. And it’s prompted a reaction in me in that I’m trying to limit the time I spend on social media and strictly control what I read.

That being said, I like blogging. I like sharing what I make. So I’m not sure how to reconcile my own feelings towards social media — if I want people to read my blog but don’t want to read many others, that hardly makes sense, does it?!

The upshot of all of this is that it’s very likely, going forward, that I won’t be posting as often as I have been. I’m hoping though that what will lack in quantity will increase in quality — I will only share things that are important to me, that I’ve really enjoyed (or that have been disastrous!), that tell more of a story than “I made this.” In doing so I hope that I keep staying “true” to simplicity and what is important in my life: family, relationships, curiousity, travel, living a reasonably healthy lifestyle. Food and cooking transcend them all.

* * *

Now, I promised you buckeyes!

Way back in November, I won a cookbook! I was naturally surprised and excited to win something. Even before I won it, the recipe caught my eye online and I decided to try them out. I have made these addictive little snacks 10+ times since — for H. and I, for friends, for my parents when they were here in December, for a dinner party that we recently went to — and they’ve gone down amazingly every single time.

Buckeyes are basically bite-size peanut butter balls, made even crunchier in this case with the addition of toasted millet. They’re vegan and relatively healthy, with only a bit of added sugar. Apparently they originate from Ohio, and are named so because of their resemblance to a buckeye tree nut. They are very easy and non-finicky to make. The only thing is that they require a bit of advance planning because you have to allow enough time for them to freeze.

The “revisions” history of this post tells me I started writing it on 7 November, 3 months ago. The reason it’s taken me so long to post is because in every case they were gone before I could get a picture of them! Verdict: definitely worth making. 🙂



One thought on “Peanut Butter, Chocolate, & Millet Buckeyes

  1. MeaghanC 09/02/2015 / 3:04 am

    Great post! Very authentic. Do what you love and not what others expect of you .

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