January Roast of the Month: Duck

November: Garlic & apple stuffed roast pork shoulder
December: Roast beef with horseradish & orange cream

I’m switching from pork and beef this month to a bird — duck! Duck is one of my favourites. I didn’t eat much of it growing up, but in the past 5-6 years I’ve really come to love it. The best duck I’ve ever had was in Bordeaux in 2009; it was confited, simple, and so delicious. I remember it vividly even 6 years later.

My experience cooking duck is a bit mixed. H. & I occasionally buy legs and roast them, which makes for a quick and delicious meal. I have only done a full duck once, which didn’t exactly turn out as planned. Back in October, when my BFF Meaghan and her hubby visited, I bought a wild mallard from the market and used as inspiration for a Chinese feast. Unfortunately it didn’t quite turn out as planned. I think it was simply too gamey for the meal I was going for. (Although I notice that one of my favourite British cookbooks/blogs recently posted a very similar recipe to what I tried to do, so I guess it is possible). It was also overdone and we found bits of shrapnel in the meat — not exactly the best way to begin a weekend in London. I broke the cardinal rule of never trying anything new for a dinner party. Ah well. The company was excellent. 😉

This time I went traditional: simple roast (Pekin) duck. Back to basics. We stuffed it with garlic and a lemon, rubbed salt & pepper over it, and just stuck it in the oven. Easy. Paired with roast potatoes, a side salad, and a bottle of Bordeaux, it is/was a reminder that sometimes roasts really are straightforward and stress-free! I know duck isn’t for everyone but for those that love it you can’t go wrong with this simplicity.

roast duck


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