Potato Skins, Two Ways

In North American pubs/bars, potato skins are, unashamedly, one of my favourite things to order. Crunchy, salty, loads of sour cream and cheese — yum. My perfect comfort food. I have never tried to make them at home before now because somehow thought they’d always be inferior. Some things are better left to deep-fat fryers eating out. However, I was in the mood for them and decided to give these two versions a go (not on the same night of course).

Traditional skins (Original recipe here)
Of the two, these were the easier to make. The most awkward part is cutting out the flesh after the potatoes are done — it has to be done a bit delicately otherwise the skin will break. With these flavours, and lots of sour cream!, you can’t really go wrong. No, it’s not the same as sitting in a bar and nursing a beer while you wait, but these definitely hit the spot.

IMG_6306 (2)


Thai-inspired peanut sweet potato skins (Original recipe here)
Sweet potatoes are more finicky than regular ones, as all of the sugar makes them sticky and harder to handle. It’s also harder to get them crispy (in our oven anyway — it’s a fine line between well-done and burnt). Taste-wise, these were excellent. The satay-type sauce worked well and coriander and spring onions balanced out the sweetness of the potatoes. Having said that, I don’t think I’ll make these again because it was simply too tedious with the sweet potatoes. They do make a nice change though and would be great as an appetizer if you have the patience!

sw pot skins thai


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