March 2015 Favourites

Happy April!

The fourth anniversary of this blog passed on 10 March, without any acknowledgement on my part. (I believe this is the second year in a row this has happened). I’m pleased to say that I’ve moved on from my very first food post, fajitas, and feel a need to once again thank everyone for reading what I’ve got to say over the past 4 years! The blog has changed focus a bit in recent months, but I still hope my friends and family enjoy reading it.

Here are some links for your Easter holiday weekend perusal. Sadly for me only Sunday will be a day ‘off’, as I am catching up after spending 3 days at a conference earlier this week.

◌ 20 “seriously weird” (according to Rough Guides) places around the world.

Unplugging from social media.

Michael Ruhlman talking so much sense: “Who then to listen to? Yourself, your own body, and common sense. Everyone is different. If we cook our own food, if that food is whole, as opposed to being stripped of nutrients to make it cheap, then you can pretty much eat what you want.”

◌ These Brown sister portraits are very moving.


This list of where to shop in London’s Chinatown is revolutionary for me!

Books about the North.

◌ I don’t like the Daily Mail but I do like this list of the world’s best luxury hostels!

Upcoming interesting films.

After the crash = heartbreaking (and no, this is not the most recent crash, but the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over the Ukraine last July).

◌ The Mordecai Richler Library is long overdue!

Cows on the beach.

◌ Book recommendations: Sylvanus Now.

Bird sitting atop the peace memorial in Riga
Bird sitting atop the peace memorial in Riga
Sun sets in Riga
Sun sets in Riga

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