February & March Roasts of the Month

In an effort to catch up on my blogging (I am horribly behind), I’m combining my final two roast posts. As you’ll know, I pledged in November to cook and share a roast a month. While I’ve been slightly off on the timing sometimes, I’m pleased to say I followed through with my plan. I did pork shoulder, roast beef, duck, and I’m finishing off with beef brisket and lamb shoulder.

I’m cheating a bit with this as I guess it’s technically not a roast, but a braise. I spotted the recipe in delicious magazine and it had my mouth watering immediately. Thai flavours, peanuts, beef, are all things we love. It’s also a good combination of comforting winter food and fresh spring-like flavours. The sauce makes for a really juicy dish and the added crunch from the peanuts and heat from the chiles is perfect. With the beef we had veggie egg-fried rice, a recipe from my beloved Thai bible that I’ve posted about before.



Over Easter my sister and her boyfriend visited us in London. I had never done a roast lamb before. In fact, neither H. nor I count lamb among our favourite meats. But we decided to give it a go. I am really glad I did because this roast was absolutely delicious. It exceeded my (admittedly on the lower side) expectations. I used a recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Everyday. I followed it pretty closely. The lamb was in the oven for about 5 1/2 hours and came out juicy, falling off the bone, and sooo tasty. I was nervous about this one, especially as we were cooking for guests, but it turned out extremely well. I’d definitely recommended it as a fool-proof method!

Roast carrots & potatoes
Roast carrots & potatoes

Easter lamb 2015


So what’s the verdict on the roast project? Well, I cooked 5 roasts and I have to say that while I’m still slightly trepidatious about them, I have learned a lot through this process. I am very proud of both the pork and lamb shoulder, my two best roasts to date. I bought all of the meat from local butchers and so feel positive about supporting local shops as well as local products.

Not sure what my next ‘project’ will be, but stay tuned. 😉


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